Construction Projects

Orange Barrel Updates 

Check back weekly for updates on construction and traffic concerns during orange barrel season.

Barlow Road Improvements

Remaining work includes grass restoration and final pavement. The road is scheduled to reopen by end of July. The project should be completed by July 31. Staff is working with ODNR on a grant to cover costs for a portion of the trail that is scheduled for construction in 2018-2019. A public meeting to discuss the current design with residents is scheduled for August 3, 6-8 p.m., at Barlow Community Center. More project info.

Manor Drive Water/Sewer Project 

The project, scheduled for mid-July through September, includes replacing water and sewer lines and new pavement. Staff is re-evaluating alternatives to address resident concerns about the potential to damage to private property trees. Construction is scheduled to begin next two weeks. More project info.

Middleton Sanitary Sewer Replacement (Summit County DOSSS) 

Grass restoration is complete. There were issues with the final pavement work, so additional repairs will be required to complete this project which is scheduled for completion this week. More project info.

North Main Street Construction

While some spot work is continuing, the sidewalks should be in good shape for the Sidewalk Sale, July 20 – 23.

Work was held up while we waited for Windstream to replace and or remove several vaults in the road, including one in the Clinton intersection. Windstream is doing that work at night, The concrete Windstream used does not meet our strength tests, and most likely will be removed and replaced.  This will delay our contractor at least one more week with the Clinton St. work.

Clinton Street will close for 10 days when Windstream is done with its work to complete road work in that area. The detour will be posted, and we will publicize the closure and detour. The City and contractor are finishing-up the curb and sidewalk work at Clinton St. 7-18 and 7-19 in order to open the sidewalk to pedestrians for the sidewalk sale this week. When the Windstream work is done at Clinton St., we will need to re-close Clinton Street for up to 5 days to finish underground utility work, and pavement. Detour will be posted, and we will publicize the closure and detour.

Cones remain on Aurora Street for safety to protect the curb area until the paving is done. In the next few weeks, crews will work on the sandstone inlays in the tree areas. The temporary concrete will be removed in the early morning to minimize disruption for merchants and sandstone work will be done during the day.

Through the end of July, there will miscellaneous sidewalk repair work with sandstone inlays and general repairs.  The Contractor may begin milling the pavement which is dependent on Windstream.  The intermediate course of paving will be done at night, after the Windstream work is completed. Concrete crosswalk work will be done at night. The bump-outs and pedestrian signals will be installed.

In August, we will install the sandstone retaining wall on the Gazebo Green. There is a long lead time for the manufacture of the sandstone, since each piece is hand modified to get the texture that we want. Final paving, striping and landscaping will be done in August. More project info.

Norton Road/SR 91 (City of Stow Project)

Roadway widening at the northwest corner of Norton Road and Darrow Road is scheduled for this week along with sidewalk installation along various locations on the east leg of Norton Road. The final paving and restoration for the entire project is scheduled for completion by mid-August. More project info.

Prospect Road/91 Intersection

Originally, the work involved improving the intersection and signals and was expanded to include replacing a deteriorating storm sewer. While in construction, they ran into issues with a 100-year-old water line. We anticipate the signal hardware will be up in early August, with construction completed by September. While the water line set us back about a week, the project should be completed on time. More project info.

Stow Road Emergency Water Main Connection   

The City of Akron is installing a new 16-inch water main along Stow Road between Barlow Road and Weston Drive. The new water main will provide a connection between two 16-inch water mains located near the Barlow Road intersection and the Weston Drive intersection. Construction is scheduled for completion in about four weeks. More project info.

Valley View Culvert Replacement 

A sandstone box culvert must be replaced on Valley View, north of Middleton. It is currently being designed, and is scheduled for construction this fall.

Veteran’s Trail Phase III 

Staff recently presented a conceptual plan to ODOT. A public meeting is scheduled for August 2, 6-8 p.m., at Barlow Community Center. Construction is slated for 2018-2019. More project info.

Walters Road Ditch Elimination

To eliminate the widening ditch on Walters Road, crews will shut down Walters Road on a Saturday. Construction is planned in August. Residents and the public will be notified in advance of this closure.

Downtown Phase II

Click on map below to learn more about Downtown Phase II

DT Phase II Map

Electronic Bidding

In an effort to make the bid solicitation process more efficient and cost effective for both vendors and the agency, Hudson has adopted an electronic bidding process for all capital improvement projects. Please visit  Electronic Bidding for further details.


We apologize for any inconvenience our construction projects might cause. All construction is scheduled around school and community events to minimize the impact to the community. The dates are only approximate, and may change. To receive real-time alerts by email or text message, sign up for Road Construction Alerts. 

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