Manor Drive Water & Storm Sewer Improvements

The Manor Drive Water Improvement project will replace a failing, 60-year-old water line in the Manor Drive right of way.  The work will be done between E. Streetsboro Road to the cul-de-sac at the southerly end of the road. The waterline has experienced a number of breaks causing disruptions in service. In addition to replacing the water line, the City will provide a new storm sewer system. When the waterline and storm sewer work is completed, the road will be repaired and resurfaced.

Project Includes: 

  • The installation of a new 8” water main including new fire hydrants and service connections.
  • A new storm sewer system including new 12” and 15” storm sewer mains, curb inlets and collector system for individual house connections.
  • The removal and replacement of the existing curb & gutter with new curb.
  • The removal and replacement of all driveway aprons.
  • Asphalt resurfacing of Manor Drive after all new infrastructure is installed and approved (under separate contract).

Design Considerations:

  • Maintain safe distance from existing water system, sanitary sewers and gas main to minimize conflicts and disruptions.
  • Avoid working on private property.
  • Minimize tree root and tree limb impacts due to construction activities.
  • Evaluate alternate methods of installation of new water main and storm sewers.
  • Replace all curbs and driveway aprons on Manor Drive.
  • Maintain at least one lane of traffic on Manor Drive for duration of project.

Project Schedule:

  • The project is currently out to bid and is scheduled to open on November 14, 2017.
  • The winning contractor will submit an anticipated schedule for the construction of the project for the City to review and approve prior to proceeding with the work.  At this time, the estimated schedule for the project is:
    • Begin water main and storm sewer installation in January/February, 2018.
    • Remove and replace concrete curb and driveway aprons in March/April, 2018.
    • Grass restoration in Spring, 2018.
    • Asphalt road resurfacing in spring/summer, 2018 (contingent upon asphalt plants being open and contractor’s schedule for paving program).

Contact Information:

Should you have any questions or comments, please review the project's Frequently Asked Questions or contact:
Bradley S. Kosco, P.E., P.S., Assistant City Engineer
Phone: (330) 342-1770

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Manor Dr Exhibit

10-27-17 Update:

The Manor Drive Waterline & Storm Sewer Improvement Project rebid will begin advertising for bids starting Sunday October 29, 2017.  The project is currently scheduled to open bids on November 14, 2017 and begin construction in the Winter, 2018.  After all of the new utilities are installed, Manor Drive will be resurfaced in the Spring, 2018.

10-20-17 Update:

A public meeting to review the revised Manor Water and Storm Sewer Improvements with the residents of Manor Drive is scheduled for Saturday November 4, 2017 from 9:00 – 10:00 am.  The meeting location will be the cul-de-sac of Manor Drive.   If it is raining, the backup meeting location is Barlow Community Center.  More information will be forthcoming.

8-1-17 Update:

Due to resident concerns regarding impacts to trees on Manor Drive, this project has been postponed.

The City hired Davey Resource Group to provide a tree study and review the report regarding the possible impacts to trees on private property. In addition, the City requested the contractor to provide cost adjustments to construct the project with smaller/lighter equipment, using alternate alignments for the proposed water main and storm sewers.

As a result of the Davey Resource study and the revised costs from the contractor being considerably higher than expected, the City has decided to re-design and rebid the project in the Fall, 2017. By avoiding sole source costs and rebidding the project, better pricing due to the competitive bidding process is expected.

By re-designing and rebidding the project, the City will be able to make adjustments to the plans and project budget in an effort to meet both the City's goals and residents requests.

The revised schedule for the project is anticipated to be:
  • October/November, 2017: Rebid of Contract
  • February - April, 2018: Construction of new water main and storm sewers
  • May/June, 2018: Resurface roadway and project completion