New Administration Offices

City Relocates Administrative Offices

City Council has authorized the purchase of the former PASCO building on Terex Road as a new location and consolidation of City administrative offices.

Why a New Facility?

For many years, City departments were scattered across the City, some in leased space, others in City-owned buildings. The physical distance between departments, as well as the cost of leased space, created operational and cost inefficiencies.

In 2013, to consolidate scattered offices for greater operational efficiency and reduced costs, the City relocated offices into one leased location on Executive Parkway. The relocation was temporary while the City made planned to purchase or build a new facilityand consolidate departments into one City-owned building.

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What Locations Were Considered?

Since the 2013 move to the Executive Parkway location off Boston Mills Road, Council’s effort to find a permanent space focused primarily on locating property in the downtown. The City has estimated it currently needs a minimum of 14,000 square feet.  A 2014 study estimated that costs for constructing a space that large would range from $7 to $9 million without factoring in the cost of the land. The City does not own property in the downtown area of adequate size to situate the building and the parking necessary. 

Land in the Downtown Phase II was considered, but it didn’t make sense to take highly valued land planned as an extension of economic development efforts and keep that property off the tax rolls. Downtown Phase II is part of a vision to grow our downtown mixed-use development to add more vibrancy as we create a live-work-play environment that attracts and keeps businesses and residents in the community. A city administrative complex is not in keeping with that vision. In addition, it would be very expensive to build a new facility and traffic would be impacted with the additional of many large trucks and vehicles traveling through the heart of First and Main.

Locations on Veterans Way were considered, but since the land was certified as park land, changing the use would require a vote of the people. After discussions, Council felt that using park land would not be the best option, particularly since there could be significant environmental impact at that location. 

The City was approached about considering using a portion of the Middle School, but it was determined that due to cost and logistics, it was not a viable option.

During its search, the City became aware that PASCO is selling its property and looking for smaller space in Hudson or outside of the City. The building at the corner of Terex Road and Hudson Drive is approximately 32,000 square feet with 200 parking spaces, and is not surrounded by heavy residential areas. Initial inspections show the building to be very well maintained and in excellent condition. It is listed at $3.7 million and has ample office space and parking for current City administration needs. In addition, size of the building and property offers additional space for possible City or community use.


After a thorough selection process, Council and staff determined the 20-acre PASCO property located on Terex Road would be the best, most cost-effective option to address the City’s needs. Council balanced the desire for a central downtown location with the financial constraints that come with finding and building on suitable space downtown.

The Terex Road property was the most fiscally responsible solution. Although not downtown, the positives with the Terex Road property outweighed the negatives. The building had twice the space of other options and cost significantly less than construction of a new building. Locating City offices on Terex Road will have less impact on traffic and neighborhoods than a downtown site. The building is larger than what the City currently needs, which provides excellent opportunities for public meeting space and other uses of space in the facility. In addition to the building, the property includes a beautiful 20-acre campus-like site that offers flexibility for future City and community use.

Also important to the decision was to retain PASCO within the Hudson community.  PASCO will be taking over the City's currently leased space on Executive Parkway.

Property Information

  • 33,000 sq. ft., three floors, 200 parking spaces, situated on 20-acre wooded lot.
  • All City administration and public works administration staff will relocate to the new facility.
  • Building contains enough space for current City needs and expansion, as well as for public meeting spaces.
  • City can consolidate Velocity Broadband and City servers in server room, as well as provide/lease space for private companies to house servers.

The Move

PASCO will be relocating its business to the current City administration leased space on Executive Parkway and will be making signficant renovations the Executive Parkway location. Both the City and Pasco will be sharing space in the Terex Road for a short time. 
  • November 2017- Council authorizes the purchase of the PASCO property for the City's new administrative headquarters.
  • December 2017 - Purchase is finalized.
  • February-May 2018: PASCO employees will move into one smaller area of the Terex Road building, while the City renovates and makes changes to other areas in the building. A portion of the City administration will moved to a temporary location in the Terex Road building while renovations are being made by PASCO at the Executive Parkway location.
  • June 2018: PASCO will move into its new home on Executive Parkway and the remaining City administration employees will move into the Terex Road building. 
  • Sepetember 2018: All renovations are scheduled to be completed in the Terex Road building.